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35 U54.jpgSelling: 3 Embryos
Donor: U54 (Texas Hold 'em)
Sire of Embryos: Made To Order (sexed female)
Method: IVF - sexed female
Embryo breed %: 7.16% Chi
Build A Bear. Full Sib embryos to 519 (Lot 49) from the 2017 Combined Forces sale that we sold half interest in. My favorite bred heifer ever. She tragically died after having her second calf so we quickly swiped her mother off her last leg and flushed her for females. We had 2 awesome Getcha Some ET calves out of 519 and Goretska has a great one at his place.Click Here for Video She also had an unreal I Believe that got struck by lighting in the bad luck week of the century. Think of these embryos as your very own Build A Bear Workshop less the flunky that builds the bear instead of your kids while you wait in line with pissed off children bored out of your ever living mind.
Seller: Thompson Show Steers - Chad Thompson 605-350-9567, Sara Thompson 605-690-7030
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Website Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
Guarantee: Seller guarantees the establishment of at least 1 60-day pregnancy per three embryos transferred, or 2 60-day pregnancies per 4 embryos transferred if the following conditions are met: A. The transfers must take place within one year of the sale date. B. Transfers are performed by a licensed embryologist.
Embryo Directory: Click Here for Embryo Directory

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