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Huston Cattle Company - February 23rd, 2020 Bids Begin to Close at 7pm(cst)

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0 huston2020cows.jpgNotes: I hope everyone has the time to look through the offering and can take a minute to read thru some of the stuff that I want to share with you. Life presents challenges daily and as people we are forced to respond in a way that we feel is best. Some of the choices we make are better than others. I know a lot of people, who do not know me personally, probably are a little apprehensive to buy cattle or inquire about our operation. I completely understand. I do not know of any other operation in the country that is currently marketing their livestock like I do. Let me explain, from 2002 - 2012 (except) 2005 we hosted an annual production sale right here at home that in my opinion had turned into one of the best composite offering of cattle in the country. We sold some of the industries very very best throughout the years. Our customer list was growing annually to say the least. We took 2013 off to simply recharge our numbers. Then April 9, 2014 came! I was formally introduced to the ILLINOIS EPA. To say our life has changed since would be the understatement of the Century! This is not some pity party it is just a story to explain why we market our cows like we do. Trust me, my kids and I HATE selling them this way but it is simply part of our re organization process. I feel I have bred, raised, sold or purchased cattle that will rival any other composite operation in the entire US. In 2005 I sold 54 bred heifers to Martin Livestock, of Bargersville, IN with the help of Joe Gensini. This transaction, if you did not know, was the catapult of Jimmy and Amanda's cattle operation. To this day I have the utmost respect how they have continued to excel in their business.
In 2008 we sold a black and white Friction daughter, that I wrote in the footnotes would REVOLUTIONIZE our industry, for $17,500 to our good friends Trent and Jan Griffith of Granville, IL as strictly an investment. In 2011 we sold their half interest to what many know as PANDA for $74,500 to Tyler and Julie Thernes of Hooper, NE. It was a life changing event for all of us. I met two of the BEST HUMAN BEINGS that weekend and Tyler became affiliated with the BEST COW EVER.
People, in closing, we are not a show cattle family. We are a family that tries to raise good cattle. I feel as though I have met some of the expectations I have set for myself and my operation and in doing so I have met some of the best people along the way. I can't mention any others names or I will forget someone. People, I love what I do for a living and if I can help anyone, please call me! I will give my thoughts on the cattle and offer my help to make this a success for you!
Mike Huston


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