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Video: Click Here for Video
Sex: Heifer
Sire: GFK
Dam: 0904 (Irish Whiskey)
DNA: TH and PHA Free
Comments: Switching gears here and moving into the silver division. These two full sisters are about as unique of breeding pieces that I can find in terms of both phenotype and genotype!! These two are so similar in terms of their build and look. The pair is about as maternal in their center body as most breeding heifers out there getting campaigned across the country, and are put together as good as any of them. Their pedigree is about as intriguing as anything you can dream of. When I had the opportunity to spend a summer in South Dakota at Reimann's, I went over to Kroupa's one day to deliver some cows and saw GFK as a baby. All I can say is he was one impressive creature along with his mother who is still, to this day, one of my favorite cows ever! The 0904 donor was one my dad and Jacob Tusa picked out of the First Class Female sale, and was the foundation cow at our place! This is the kind that are sale features and high sellers as breds! TH and PHA Free.
Seller: Priest Genetics - Laramie Priest (254) 855-2133
Location: 899 Rosenthal Road - Lorena, Tx 76655
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page

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