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9 1803.jpgTag #: 1803
Video: Click Here for Video
Sex: Heifer
Sire: Solid Gold
Dam: Mimms 1105 (577)
DNA: TH and PHA Free
Comments: In the words of Dr. Dan Shike at San Antonio when referring to Claire McCormick's Grand Champion steer, "This one just gives me chills." Well, I wouldn't disagree with him either - that was one of the most unique animals that has walked through that place! This heifer is a maternal sister to that steer and has just as much wow factor about her! I don't think you can make one's neck come any higher out of her shoulder, or have any less chest than this heifer, or be any stouter! There are so many pieces that you can breed on with this heifer to create something you can run and tell your friends about! She is an absolute specimen when you study her from behind, whether it be the groove down her back or extremely wide pin set. This one will be worth whatever she costs considering her mom is THE sale feature in the Donor's Unlimited sale this year! Go and check her out, and you will see the eerie resemblance this heifer has to her mother. TH and PHA Free.
Seller: Priest Genetics - Laramie Priest (254) 855-2133
Location: 899 Rosenthal Road - Lorena, Tx 76655
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page

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