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1 Donor0160Queen.jpgSelling: 3 GRADE 1 EMBRYOS UNSEXED
Donor: 0160 Queen (Milkman x Witchdoctor/Book'em Dano)
Sire: In God We Trust
Donor: Owned with Newman Cattle Co.
Comments: This is only the SECOND time we have ever offered up embryos out of "Queen!" The only other time we have offered these were at Embryos on Snow this past year, and since there is no Denver this year, we figured we could offer them one more time! Queen is the highest valued cow ever sold at Share the Brand in Eastland, Texas and is owned with Newman Cattle Co. In her first year of production for us, she raised $20,000, $18,000, and $10,000 calves that are full sibs to these embryos. She also raised a $15,000 MAB that looked promising going into Houston but didn't get his opportunity to show due to COVID. Last year, she raised a couple of red Monopoly calves and MAB steers that brought good money and ended up in great homes across Texas. This past year, we also kept a full sib bull calf in-tact that we have extremely high expectations for. He will be collected in the coming months and start flushing cows to him, too! Be on the lookout for this unique specimen that we call "In Queen We Trust." This year, Queen has an extremely high quality set of embryo calves on the ground that is highlighted by a yellow paint, That's Right calf that we are still deciding on whether to cut him or leave in-tact! We have only sold embryos once out of this cow and have yet to sell any daughters out of her! This is truly our absolute best, and we hope you enjoy this set of embryos and semen lots as much as we do!
CALL FOR MORE INFO!: Priest Genetics - Laramie Priest 254-855-2133
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Website Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page

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