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14 Donor1776.jpgSelling: Right to Flush October 30th
Donor: 1776 (Jakes Proud Jazz x Heat Wave)
Comments: An incredible opportunity here to Flush our 1776 donor that has flat out raised some incredible shorthorn and red calves this fall in her first set of flush calves! She is TH & PHA FREE! This cow is one of the most impressive shorthorn cows we have ever laid our eyes on: huge perfect feet, great build, perfect rib cage, hair to burn, and the extra look and stoutness it takes to raise those cattle that make it to the grand drive! With everyone trying to raise and find shorthorn-colored cattle, this is a no-brainer to save some time and cash trying to find your own donor or steer. These red and shorthorn-colored cattle have never been more popular than they are at this very time! We have flushed her to MAB, Sling Shot, Sacred Ground, Tonto, and Double Vision. Get on board here, because she flushes great averaging over 10 embryos a flush. Her flush date is set for October 30th to have those early fall borns for you that will bring in some serious cash when it comes their time sell!! We guarantee 6 viable embryos! Conventional Flush date is set for October 30th!
CALL FOR MORE INFO!: Priest Genetics - Laramie Priest 254-855-2133
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Website Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page

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