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THOMPSON SHOW STEERS - January 31st, 2021 Bidding Begins to Close at 7pm(CST)

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0 0.jpgThank you for viewing our 6th annual female sale. In our quest to continue to offer up the big-time steer producing donor type females we have raised the bar up even higher this year. To consistently raise steers that win today you are fighting an uphill battle if the cow doesn't look almost identical to what you are trying to produce. An example of that was on our September pasture sale 11 of the top 12 steers dams had Monopoly, Fu Man Chu or Maternal Made genetics in their pedigrees and they averaged over $20,000. Our top donor U19 is a TH carrier. My point is that you have to have the big features if you want to hit the homeruns and this set of breds is an example of that. Nowhere will you find a set this long necked, stout, hairy, and big boned and still have phenomenal structure, softness and functionality. The first thing we look at when selecting our females is structure starting at the pasterns and we are especially proud of that in this group. Given that the videos are on cornstalks if you question anything you see in the videos feel free to ask for a cell phone video, we can go take one on firm ground and you won't be disappointed. As a service to you we have included extended pedigrees and extensive TH, PHA and DS testing so you can take the animal home and already know how to breed her to avoid any issues. With the battery of high quality bulls available to us today DNA status does not matter because there are options to take the phenotype advantages from being a certain carrier and use that to your advantage while breeding around it. We love to talk about the cattle please call anytime.
Feature Sire Group: The Getcha Somes. 12 head sell.
We are excited to offer to you the first group in volume of what we think are going to be the next big females in steer production. I have never seen a sire group of females more right for the times to raise steers with the current genetic lines we are using than the Getcha Some females. It took us all years to figure out how dominant the Monopoly's and other sires would be in production mainly because they didn't look the part but these scream Here I Am and we are going to be ahead of the curve and not miss the boat in 3 years when you can't find any around. They have the perfect muscle, unbelievable body and softness, perfect feet and legs and incredible hair. You breed the clean ones to Here I Am and the Dirty ones to the new clean game changing HIA sons I am hearing so much about.
Retaining two IVF cycles with an average of 6 viable embryos each at buyers convenience and seller's expense on all females in the offering.
$300 Calving Option: We calve them out. Buyer pays any additional vet expenses and daily feed expenses after calving until pickup. No guarantee of a live calf but they will have the best of care.
Trucking: The following truckers will be scheduling loads starting Monday morning and will be hauling within a few days of the sale to get your purchases to you in a timely manner. Average cost will be $250-$350 per head.
Dick Coleman 765-461-0954
Tim Word 260-668-4181
Sale Consultants: Tim Heckman 309-255-0199, Jake Lee 608-495-9215, Tim Burke 402-750-0440, Laramie Priest 254-855-2133
CALL: Thompson Show Steers - Chad Thompson 605-350-9567, Sara Thompson 605-690-7030, Jamie Rasmussen 605-661-7104
Location: Thompson Show Steers 36951 229th St, Wessington Springs, South Dakota 57382
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
Notes: Genetic Testing results and any sale changes will be posted on a supplement sheet by sale day.


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