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Classic Cattle Company - September 26th, 2020 Bidding Begins to close at 7pm (CST)

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1 wentdonor.JPGSelling: The Right to Flush the High Selling Cow from Went Black's Dispersal Sale.
Donor: Whizard x Irish Whiskey son
Comments: Huge opportunity here!! We are selling one flush on our 271 donor. She's got a Here I Am steer that we sold that is unbelievable!! When we saw her in the pens at Dunlap for Went's dispersal, we just had to own her. This cow has already surpassed the huge expectations we had for her. She made 20 embryos back in May so this is an incredible opportunity that won't happen a whole lot. Get in on her and make some money on these eggs!!
CALL FOR MORE INFO!: Classic Cattle Company - Garrett Barton 307-343-6154
Location: Casper, WY
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
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