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Black Cattle Company - April 28th, 2019 Bidding Begins to Close at 7pm(CST)

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16 donor287.jpgSelling: 1 IVF Tray of Oocytes
Donor: Donor 287 (Unleashed Beast x Maine/Brangus)
Comments: Truly offering the best we have with these genetic packages on our top 2 American Donors. 287 is simply a no miss cow no matter the mating. I describe her as ultra feminine in her makeup, with a dead level top and hip, big feet, flat jointed, and ultra squishy in her pasterns. Her best quality might be her breed character, as she is huge eared, with plenty of navel, but really choked throated; which allows her to throw American classifying steers when mated to Clubby Bulls. Her second calf out of Ready to Rumble looked lights out in the Heavy's at Fort Worth in 2017 but it was a very challenging year... and ended up placing 3rd in the Heavy Weight Brangus in Houston (Pictured as a calf and at Houston). Her 3rd calf was a heifer by Lovin' the Business that is a sight to see, and is turning into quite the cow herself around here. That year we started to flush her and got Uno the steer that won Champion ABC for the Cleavinger Family at Houston this year. Her natural calf was a Heifer that I will be offering interest in this June in The Summer Exchange Female Sales. This year as you can see I loaded up as many recips as I could find with her embryos and I am pretty tickled with the set she produced for me in this sale. Needless to say, next year I should have twice as many and I am more pumped about this years calving season than I have been about any! After this fall I am running low on embryos on 287 and 235, so I left them open and I am offering a chance to get these genetics into your herd. I think her steers are as good as I can make, and her females with be worth their weight in gold. I apologize for the picture of her, that I had to dig deep into the archive to find, but it was the only one I have of her and it must have been taken on an early generation IPhone! No matter what that picture looks like, I think you can tell that this cow works and produces as good of American Cross cattle that you will find!
Notes: Selling 1 IVF tray of Oocytes to be fertilized by buyers choice of semen. Guaranteed a minimum of 5 viable embryos with no limit and 1 90-day pregnancy if transplanted by a licensed technician. Collection and Fertilization to be performed though Transova Oklahoma between June 2019 - November 2019. If the first collection does not yield sufficiant embryos, Donor will be made available for a second collection. In all collections, Black Cattle Company will pay for the retrieval of oocytes and any drug charges. Buyer will pay for semen(and sorting cost if desired), fertilization, freezing, and any shipping costs of embryos.
Seller: Black Cattle Company - Brady Black 806-535-6103 Rex Black 806-535-6303
Location: 1961 US Highway 70 Muleshoe, Texas 79347
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
More Pictures: Click on Image for Pictures of her Progeny
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