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Black Cattle Company - April 28th, 2019 Bidding Begins to Close at 7pm(CST)

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17 donor235.jpgSelling: 1 IVF Tray of Oocytes
Donor: Donor 235 (American Honey x JB253/KTK)
Comments: Now I do have a great picture of this awesome red beast of a cow. She is as monster boned and footed as you can make one, yet still moves with ease across the pasture. She is huge hipped, flat backed, deep bodied, and her neck comes out high from the top of her blades like you want them to. Study her picture, and see if you can draw a better one! Now for her progeny: Her first calf was out of Red Red Wine and ended up Res. Light Weight at Dallas in 2015. She did the same thing the next year with a calf sired by American Legion that the Daniel's family showed to Reserve Light Weight division at Dallas as well (Pictured). The next year I had a Bred Heifer (Pictured) by Solid Gold that I sold in the Summer Exchange sale that was lights out good and making a name for herself down in Reagan. The next year 235 had another Solid Gold bull calf that was shown by the Diebel family that ended up Res. Gert at San Antonio in 2018 (Pictured). This past year she had a calf by The General that branded for the Cleavinger Family in the Heavy Weight ABC's at Houston. And her natural calf by Lone Ranger will be offered as a Bred Heifer in The Summer Exchange Sales as well. Every bull calf that has been shown out of her has branded. Now how is that for consistency? Her IGWT in this sale is something special if you ask me, and I am offering you and opportunity to make you own! Both cows provide enough character to use what every clubby bull your heart desires, and I haven't found a bad match yet for either cow! If you wanted to use some of the up and coming American Cross or even one of the great DDD Purebred Brangus to make some females I wouldn't blame you for that either! Honestly, you can't go wrong!
Notes: Selling 1 IVF tray of Oocytes to be fertilized by buyers choice of semen. Guaranteed a minimum of 5 viable embryos with no limit and 1 90-day pregnancy if transplanted by a licensed technician. Collection and Fertilization to be performed though Transova Oklahoma between June 2019 - November 2019. If the first collection does not yield sufficiant embryos, Donor will be made available for a second collection. In all collections, Black Cattle Company will pay for the retrieval of oocytes and any drug charges. Buyer will pay for semen(and sorting cost if desired), fertilization, freezing, and any shipping costs of embryos.
Seller: Black Cattle Company - Brady Black 806-535-6103 Rex Black 806-535-6303
Location: 1961 US Highway 70 Muleshoe, Texas 79347
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
More Pictures: Click on Image for Pictures of her Progeny
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