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1 babypanda.jpgSelling: Pregnant Recip
Recip Tag #: 59
Recip Video: Click Here for Video Commentary About Recips
Donor: Baby Panda (Lutton x Panda)
Mating Sire: Here I Am HEIFER CALF
Recip Age: 3
Due Date: March 7, 2020
Comments: I guess I can not think of a better donor to kick off the 2020 HUSTON CATTLE COMPANY pregnant recip sale. We no longer own Baby Panda, but fortunately we had built up a nice little bank of embryos before our donor dispersal last April. Over the last 3 years Baby Panda's legacy has continued to grow for one simple reason, she consistently produces the type of steers and heifers our industry is striving to breed. Her mating to Getcha Some yielded a $12,500 steer for Webster Cattle Company of Powersville Mo, which was very successfully campaigned by the DeVires at the 1st Annual ALL IOWA SHOWDOWN in 2018. We then sold a pair of Maternal Made heifers for $8500 and $7250 respectively. Next were her HERE I AM steers sold by Webster Cattle Co. Once again. One thing about Ty is he don't kiss and tell and it really isn't any of my business what they brought because, HE BOUGHT THEM AS PREGNANT RECIPS last year! His quote went something like this to be exact..."Huey it was pretty good actually".
So folks if there is anything hotter than HIA, I must be living under a rock! We are offering three HIA x BABY PANDAS and one AS GOOD AS IT GETS x BABY PANDA. The hard part is done! Get them bought, get them home, get them calved in and started on a little sweet feed and you have a club calf starter kit!
Seller: Huston Cattle Co - Mike Huston 309-368-2615
Location: Huston Cattle Co. 819 U.S. 67 Business, Roseville, IL 61473
Seller's Website: Click Here for Seller's Facebook Page
Sale Consultants: Ty Webster 712-551-7943, Laramie Priest 254-855-2133, Jake Bloomberg 309-368-8528, Dustin Glover 580-280-0188, Tim Heckman 309-255-0199

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